oil painting on canvas by SimonWron, size: 60/80cm

Commissioned painting for 25th anniversary of marriage of Athirah and Diego.

In the painting Simon placed 7 balls: Kaaba the central is symbolizing the desire to know God, and the life of man, family, fraternity with the desire to fulfill his will.There are 6 other balls in the central sphere, symbolizing the family. None of them is attributed to a particular person. Simon wanted the balls to be free of interpretation, and their message could be picked up as a way to choose their own way and who we are and become.The whole of this 7 sphere (atom) levitates on a varied background that represents the world in which we live, as well as a multitude of everyday life matters. The 7 balls on one side form a completely separate atom, and on the other hand blends into the surrounding world, creating it. There are also 25 rectangles showing 25 years of Sharifah and Diego marriage, but these images are personal and only remembered for them.